Happy Customers

What Our Fantastic Clients Say

“I would 100% recommend Luxurious Babiez, I live in San Diego, CA and these guys made sure that my puppies arrived to me safe and VERY healthy. I have the best pups in the world and have them to “thank”. What a GREAT breeder that takes great care of his puppies”

Christian Fedelope
San Diego,CA

"Carla is the joy of my everyday life and has been since I brought her home. She is now 14 weeks.After this whole experience, I have a very strong desire to continue improving the breed in any way possible and feel you would be my very best source of knowledge. Looking forward to talking to you again and thanks for all of your help. You have been wonderful and so has Lucy. Thanks for everything."

Brownwick Clarkson
Kansas City

"WOW!!, What an experience!!! We have been looking at Luxurious Babiez website for years before purchasing our first French Bulldog. We have raised French Bulldog our whole life and the quality of bone structure, markings and temperament is amazing. Luxurious Babiez is very knowledgeable and understanding about all the questions and concerns. We drove two days to pick up Kane and cannot wait to purchase our second.

Elizabeth and Joseph Los Angeles

My name is Roxana I live in GA. My husband and I were very leary about purchasing a puppy off of the Internet simply because you just don’t Know if you will get what you paid for. Luxurious Babiez communicated with us often via phone and Internet we felt very comfortable with him so we made the purchase let me tell you…. We now have the most beautiful, sweetest,French Bulldog puppy in the world! She is only 3 months old and has learned Many tricks she is Very Smart and learns very quickly. “We Absolutely Adore her”. She is perfect for our Family. She is healthy, playful very active and oh, so sweet and loving.”

Roxana JELEV
Atlanta ,Georgia

“Thank you so much for our sweet boy. We named him Dobby (like from harry potter) and he is incredibly sweet and cuddly and loves everyone!!”

“Hey this is Frisco's Mommy! I just found you guys on insta! I can't tell you how much I love my baby! I get so many compliments he's seriously the best!”

“OMG we are over the moon in love with her! Thank you! There aren't words to describe how thankful we are for this new love in our life!”